Donate a Pig to Sylvia's Children & Name It, too!

A bunch of cows are a herd;
A bunch of geese are a gaggle; and
A bunch of pigs are a drift and/or drove

Do you see where we’re going with this? Or, do you get our drift?

Recently, due to swine flu Sylivia’s Children lost all 100 pigs on the grounds of the Mbiriizi Advanced Primary School where our children go to learn and (some) live. As a result, we are hosting a DONATE A PIG campaign to help repopulate the school’s resources.

For only $50 you can purchase a pig and name it. The school will be the recipient of your charitable gift and will raise the pig and then sell it to a local farmer who can start his own pig business. This will allow the school to teach self-reliance to the students as well as for an income.

Two pigs have already been donated and they have been named Stillwater and Charlotte…we are in need of approximately 85 more. Might you be interested in donating a pig to the schoolchildren? And, coming up with a wonderful name? Also, if interested, we can send you a certificate of your new pig ownership with your chosen name on it. Need an extra gift this holiday season? Would gifting a pig be an idea you are interested?

*If you are donating $50 or more, please type your chosen name in the comments box when donating.